Music From Home

About Album

Cecile Leganger is known as one of the greatest sports legends in Norwegian history, the world’s best female handball goalkeeper of all time. What has been less known is that the same Cecilie is a musician and composer at a very high musical level. Composing and playing the piano has been a passion that she got in recent years. While she did not intend to play on a professional level, she was discovered this spring by HP Gundersen due to a piano piece she had posted on Facebook. HP became very enthusiastic over this fantastic music, mainly composed for piano , which is stylistically somewhere between Chopin and Brian Wilson. Recently GunderZheng released the single Karma, which Cecilie has also composed. With this EP, Cecilie takes her first step out with a new identity and offers us this beautiful and unique music she carries in her. The four pieces on “Music from home” show one piece “Dagdrøm” for piano and choir, one piece “Overgang” for piano and accordion and two pure piano pieces … “Himmeldans” og “Gråtoner”

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